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The research and development cell of Smt. Savitaben Panalal Kothari College of Secondary education is hereby constituted with following vision, mission, and objectives for facilitating research by providing organisational support


The R&D cell aims to foster a culture of innovation among students and faculty, providing an enhanced platform for teaching and learning that contributes to the advancement of societal needs.


The mission of the R&D cell is to inspire and inform students and faculty about the latest trends in research-based teaching and learning, as well as to equip them with sufficient resources to cultivate innovative, multidimensional lifelong learning strategies using both traditional and contemporary technologies.

Objectives of R&D Cell

  • To foster a research-oriented culture among faculty and Student.
  • To identify feasible and required innovation
  • To encourage the novel ideas in research
  • To Provide materials and procedural support for creation and transfer of knowledge
  • To linkages with school and others educational agencies for outreach activities
  • To organize various workshops, seminars, and training sessions to encourage research activities
  • To increase the institute's research output through the publication of papers in peer-reviewed journals and prominent conferences.
  • To maintain a record of the faculty's publications.
  • To annually publish a research journal or chapter that is ISSN/ISBN registered, peer-reviewed, UGC care listed, or indexed in Scopus.
  • To collaborate and linkages with institution of National and Internation importance/ others universities/ colleges/ corporates houses/ industries etc.


Dr. Jyotsna A. Amin
Dr. Arpana Tripathi
Dr. Jitendranath Gorai
Dr. Abhishek Kumar

Functional Outcome of R & D Cell:

  • The faculty members have participated and presented papers in national and international conferences.
  • Faculty members have published research papers in Journals of high impact factors.
  • The faculty members have published learning materials and books.
  • The B.Ed. students have started showing keen interest Higher Education (HE) and writing research articles/ paper/ magazine, etc.