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Shri Mayank-Samir Central Library

To quench Palanpuri's thirst for knowledge and to introduce children to the joys of reading, an ardent reader, Shri Madhusudanbhai Faujalal Jhaveri, generously extended his patronage to Vidyamandir in 1989. Named in the honour of his departed sons, Mayank and Samir, this library encompasses the choicest works in numerous categories to cater to every one of its members. The Government of Gujarat has recognised this institution, and it aids its maintenance and development.

Since 1992
Timings: Tuesday to Sunday- 7 am to 9 pm

  • 33613 Books for Children, Students, and Ardent Readers

  • 52 Magazines

  • 7 Newspapers

  • Govt.-Aided

  • Open to Public

  • Digitalised

  • WI-FI Equipped